Well…here I am….

I’ve been talking about starting a blog for some time now. For those of you who do know me, my name is Cherish, I owned “dreadsandjesus” on Etsy for the past few years, I had so much fun running that shop and learned so much. I was privileged to send a bit of my artistic style out to places ALL OVER THE WORLD! I’m very grateful for that season…

Now, the past year and a half of my life has been a whirlwind….looking back, there were trials and tribulations I didn’t think I could possibly make it through… Going months throwing up everything I ate. Living with a horrible heaviness that I may not be brave or strong enough, to save my children… But here I am! A now single…full time, stay at home/homeschool mother of 3 AMAZING children… We are together…always… we are safe… and in our own home…. that’s more than I could have imagined… Thank you Jesus!

Some know the seriousness of my children and my situation….Its not something we’ve been running around talking about… but I’ve shared with a special few the details of the hell we’ve been in and seen over the past 10 years… Life isn’t always beautiful, picture perfect…or lovely in anyway… sometimes it’s ugly… But, I know, God is there, in EVERY moment… working in ways we can’t even comprehend… I believe our last bit of life has truly shown that….

I’m praying this new journey of blogging will be a blessed one..After 9ish years of severe isolation, and being convinced I didn’t “like people”…. I’ve realized in my new found freedom… I want to share life with others… I want to learn and grow… And if sharing my life’s ups and downs is a way to do that…then… Well… Here I am:)


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